Calling All Legends

We are still a very small business, but we've grown smoothly and organically since our inception in 2018. Without a doubt, the support of our fantastic customers - friends of the business - have pushed us forward into new territory, updated menus and a bigger reputation stretching throughout the south east.

To show you the level of love that you've shown us, we want to invite you to join our all-new, semi-exclusive Veg Heads Legends Club!

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Because who doesn't love winning free things?

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We love getting your input with what new menu items you want to see!

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Keep these on the hush hush, they're just for legend club members.



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We want to reward you for enjoying our delicous vegan food.

Special Opening Hours

So you can get in there first and catch the worm.

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Receive further perks by repping the Veg Heads way where ever you go.


Chat with like minded peeps that enjoy the finer (vegan) things in life!